Zandvoort Burgemeester Nawijnlaan



September 7, 2020


1.100 M² LIVING

Project type




Restored structure

The strip on Burgemeester Nawijnlaan is currently being used as a backyard to a house on Zandvoortselaan. The garden is too large and gives Burgemeester Nawijnlaan a shabby appearance. The plot will therefore be split and four new houses will be built on Burgemeester Nawijnlaan. This will restore the urban structure and better accompany the main bicycle route to Haarlem.

Diverse appearance 

The houses are carefully embedded in their surroundings. We create two blocks of two semi-detached houses, the predominant building type in the street. In accordance with its neighbours the blocks are of small-scale. Their stepped building lines and varied roof shapes give them a friendly, diverse appearance. Their gutter and construction height matches the surrounding houses. Deep front gardens continue the street profile and offer parking space on site. The existing trees will be maintained wherever possible. Hedges lining the four plots strengthen the existing green quality.

Rich and careful

The townhouses have a high-quality appearance with an allure that suits Zandvoort as a seaside resort. Inspired by residences in the area, their façades have plasterwork in a light grey shade. They have a strong vertical articulation, with tall windows fitted with transom lights. At both the front and the rear, the houses have a veranda or bay window with a balcony on top, elements that are typical of Zandvoort. The houses are richly and carefully detailed, with high-quality materialization. Attached storages are integrated in the architecture, showing the same rich appearance. They are set back to not disturb the rhythm of the main buildings.