Zandvoort Zandvoortselaan




September 7, 2020



Project type




New life

This characteristic detached house dating from 1916 is located on Zandvoortselaan, the main access road to the coastal town of Zandvoort. It has been vacant for many years. We are working on plans to breathe new life into this beautiful villa. Not only through renovation, but also through transformation. The client wants to turn the house into a boutique hotel.

Inclusive and exclusive

The hotel has eight rooms, a wellness area and an open-plan kitchen where breakfast and dinner are served. Special attention in the design goes to wheelchair accessibility. Zandvoort has very few hotels that are suitable for people with a physical disability. And the facilities that are available have little appeal. This hotel will be accessible for everyone. And it is going to look amazing. On the outside we restore the grandeur of the past. And on the inside it gets the luxurious look of a boutique four-star hotel.


The ground floor, façades and roof are insulated for more comfort and better energy-efficiency. The original, rich window detailing is brought back, as well as the characteristic shutters. A new extension in the style of the original building replaces the low-quality extensions that have been placed at the rear over the years. This extension will house the restaurant and service areas. The building’s layout will be redesigned, integrating an elevator. The installations are adjusted to meet current requirements.